me_nov2007.jpgme_nov2007.jpgI am a 32-year old single mother of a one-year old daughter who moved to Atlanta in December 2004. Since that time I have been on the search for a church home. This blog is intended to share my experiences in searching for a church home in the Greater Atlanta area.  While I haven’t attended church every Sunday, since my daughter’s birth I have a renewed commitment to finding a church home in the Atlanta area that can fulfill my spiritual needs. I view this blog as an extra step in that commitment by publicly posting my experience each Sunday. By having an audience, along with my daughter,  that I now must be accountable to, hopefully I will meet my goal of attending church every Sunday.

My background – I was raised in a Catholic home although I was never confirmed (for non-Catholics, its a rite a passage that occurs around 13 years of age where the child confirms his/her faith). Early on, I had a few nagging struggles and doubts that forced me to pause and not move forward with confirmation. I have experienced these same struggles ever since.

I am a spiritual person, although by no means a religious person.  My quest to find a ‘church’ home centers around the need to expose my daughter to the benefits of a church family. I whole-heartedly believe that a child exposed to and raised “in the church” impacts a child’s life positively beyond measure. Besides providing a foundation for faith in God, the church environment exposes children to individuals that have positive relationships with God.

 This blog is intended to share with you my experiences as I visit various churches in Atlanta in a quest for a church home. Each week the blog will be divided into 3 parts – JUST THS FACTS; MY IMPRESSIONS; MY EXPERIENCE. “JUST THE FACTS” will cover the basics of the church that I am visiting i.e. church denomination, size, website, mission, service times. “MY IMPRESSIONS” will cover my impressions of the church i.e. friendliness, happiness, length of service, etc. “MY EXPERIENCE” will speak to observations from my church visit.

 What this blog is NOT – while I know that church is truly about an individual’s connection with God and the opportunity for joint praise/celebration, the experience is influenced by environmental factors. These environmental factors determine whether or not someone chooses to turn a church visit into a church membership. With that in mind, I will most comment on the environmental factors associated with my church visits.

I hope that others also seeking a church home in the Greater Atlanta area find this information useful in their experiences and good luck on your path.