Dr. Bryan R. Crute - Senior Pastor

Location Marietta, GA Windy Hill Road area - in office park behind Chick-Fil-A

Sunday Service Times
9 am
12 pm

Church Type Denomination - Christian

Service Style (Traditional/Contemporary) - Contemporary

Size (Small, Medium, Large, Mega) - Large

From the church website...
"Destiny's message of maximizing potential for God's Glory has transformed countless lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is preached here with practical application, yet without compromising the intricacies of the God of the Bible. With a commitment to building strong families, Destiny, under Pastor Crute's teaching and example, has presented a model of purpose-driven living that has as its goal reaching more people with the love of Jesus Christ everyday."

My Impressions (scale of 1 - 3; 1=below average; 2=average; 3=above average)
Sermon Style (preaching/teaching) - Teaching
Music Ministry - 3
Friendliness (of members to me) - 3
Happiness Quotient (feeling of people receiving the spirit) - 2
Children/Youth Activities - 3

Unique Observations- This church was recommended to me by my best friend, so I was extremely excited to visit! Destiny Metro is still undergoing growth expansion. It appears they have already outgrown existing sanctuary that was opened in 2005 - as it quickly filled up with no overflow area for late comers. Clearly underscored by the fact that I was asked on 2 occasions about the seat that my 1 year old daughter occupied.

Order was the rule of the morning. Church goers had to stand in line to go down the stairs to the sanctuary and enter into a single doorway. Ushers were extremely efficient in 'herding' people to where they wanted them. While the line and 'herd' effect could have been a bit off-putting, I passed several smiling faces along the way and everyone had a nice hello. Service was contemporary and definitely had a younger feel to the ceremony. Clearly why it was recommended to me by my friend. The service itself was extremely efficient as well - prayer, praise, giving and message. I made it through prayer, praise and giving, but unfortunately, a busy-one year old had other plans for the message and I had to leave service early right as the pastor was standing up for the message. Without an overflow area, I basically had to leave church.

In summary, Destiny Metro is a friendly, young, contemporary church committed to engaging its members (as shown via its focus on Small Group sessions and Youth activities). The church is clearly going through a growth phase, that at times made me feel a bit crowded, although everyone went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I didn't get a sense that I was 'just a number' as you do in most large churches, but rather I had a sense that if I joined and got involved it would be like a second home. My only regrets are not hearing the message - so I will visit again and next time place my daughter in the nursery so I can have the 'full' experience.

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Comment submitted by KA

I have been in Atlanta for about 5 yrs now (4 for school) and honestly wasn’t interested in trucking out to any of the churches that seemed so far away. This is partly because I had no car and also because I was forced to go to church whether I wanted to go or not ( like most kids growing up) so I liked having a choice on Sundays and getting away from those two and a half hour long service on top of Sunday school ( and being there most of the week). I was pretty much “churched out” by the time I got to college so I just didn’t have the desire to go. However I did want to receive the message so I would stream services live from the potter’s house ( T.D. Jakes) after about a yr of doing so I realized that I needed a church home and missed the fellowship.

I had decided Destiny was going to be one of the services I visited after looking it up on this site and YouTube and after todays service I’m glad I did.
The environment is welcoming and contemporary with small touches of tradition but not so much that you feel like your in your grandmas church back home. It’s evident that they are trying to reach todays people, however and whomever. I can appreciate that.
They have a praise team rather than a choir ( I prefer a choir, like the sound) but it makes sense since the stage is only so big. They provide preprinted notes on your bulletin for the pastors sermon so you can take notes, and they don’t call you out if your a first time visitor to stand and state your business which I like. Get there on time ( like 10 am) or you’ ll be sitting in the overflow cause the actual sanctuary is a little small for the amount of people they have. Overall I felt comfortable so I’ll be going back.

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17 Reviews

Comment submitted by Kelly

I was not pleased at all with this church. We were asked to leave while pulling up to the church today. They stated there were no seats and to come back at 12:30. Since when does a church turn someone away. Never in my life have I been treated this way while trying to worship on a Sunday morning. Get it together DESTINY.

We just relocated here and have been searching for a church home. You never know what one may be going through and to turn them away is just beyond me. We traveled 45 minutes with a new baby to attend church this morning. I guess we were to just sit in the hot car for a couple of hours with the baby.

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17 Reviews

Comment submitted by Christine

Hello Mrs/Miss/Ms Hill

I was searching the reviews about church homes and I ran across this one. I would like to be the first to comment on this church.

This is a bible teaching church the man of God is a Son of God. I know this because I was raised under this house for over 10 years and I was taught the word of God …I was taught family structure through the word of God and I was taught how life was going to be in and out of the word of God. Pastor Keith Young Sr is a man of God that trust in the message from God. I thank God for the teachings over the years that came from God’s mouth piece. Well when I went through my after messages experience I thank God for all those messages that was taught over the years and I kept them because it was those messages the helped me get through the patches of my journey…Vision For Souls is a good house to learn from if you are looking for a good church home …No church is perfect its a spiritual hospital that helps us to stay connected to Jesus Christ. When the messages are taught at any church its up to us as sheep to go home and study it not to just sit down our bible and say the message was awesome but we must get understanding. I pray that you have found a bible teaching house to attend for you and your beautiful family

Remember its a journey and the test of life will come just stay connect to God in the name of Jesus …

God said he would be with us until the end of time but He never said it was going to be easy.. Its a journey and a test

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1/ 5

Pastor Crute was forced to resign and in less than 4 months the interim leadership team and their lies have caused Destiny to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as of August 31, 2018. I will no longer give my time or hard earned money to a SINKING SHIP! See link… pacermonitor.com/public/…

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What happened to this church?

I used to be a member of Destiny but left about 8 years ago when I moved to another county. I wasn’t until recently that I found out about the Bankrupcy filing and the church apparently closed. Can someone tell me what happened? I’m just curious because an acquaintance told me a while ago (after I left the church) that there was a scandal at that church. Usually, scandal at church often involved a pastor or minister who was having an affair. They preach one thing and practice something totally different.

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Destiny is about to CHANGE!

5/ 5

Destiny was a thriving ministry UNTIL the former pastor, Bryan E. Crute, who was a serial adulterer – was removed – yes, forced to resign for having been found in multiple adulterous relationships; THIS LAST TIME was the STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK. You see, forgiveness and restoration had been offered in each adulterous instance before. However, we all know that if one does not submit oneself authentically to spiritual counsel and mentoring, true and lasting change does not take place. One of the reviews above wants to paint the picture that Destiny was wrong to have Bryan E. Crute resign – however, we all know NO ONE wants a pastor who preaches one thing and lives another, UNLESS you’re the ones he’s living the lie with. As I follow Destiny’s journey, she appears to have healthy oversight with Dr. Dharius Daniels of Change Church in New Jersey as Senior Pastor. Dr. Daniels has come to the ATL twice and packed out services at the Epicenter – and he brought Tasha Cobbs Leonard with him to minister praise and worship. Dr. Daniels is an amazing man of God who will do Destiny nothing but good. God will do a BRAND NEW THING with Destiny – and I pray it thrives better than before.

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